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Designed for corporate site selectors, economic developers, and anyone involved in a location search, our suite of site selection software provides access to the sites, buildings, and data needed to evaluate your biggest decisions.

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Empower your site selection process with the latest integrated technologies

We mine and map contextualized data to provide big-picture empowerment to site selectors, economic developers, and their stakeholders.

Using our suite of software platforms, site selectors, corporate real estate professionals, and economic developers collaborate to narrow into a targeted search region, to identify specific sites and buildings, and to find off-market property options.  Data is collected in a facilitated format to streamline property cost and quality comparisons.  Cut the ribbon on your next location faster with software designed by and for site selectors.

Radically accelerating the search-to-selection process.

Transforming location decision-making.

Guarantee peak compatibility between companies and communities to secure their long-term success.

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Rely on our site selection software to search for properties or to market sites crucial to your success.

Based on decades of experience in the site selection industry, and designing custom solutions for our clients, our software helps you find the answers you need.

Discover Sites and Buildings

Collect Property Data with RFI Templates

Fully Consider All Your Location Options


Discover properties and collect comprehensive data for site selection, seamlessly, again and again.

Our site selection software platforms give control to site selectors, corporations, and economic developers searching for a seamless experience and to recapture their time.  Soon, we’ll release our next industry-changing product inspired by the site selection journey. 


Gather Property Data

Lasso streamlines site selection by standardizing property data collection and accelerating the process of distributing RFIs and receiving property proposals. Learn More


Promote Your Properties

LOIS markets sites and buildings on the websites of economic development organizations to engage with the site selectors and corporations considering their territory.  Learn More

Stay tuned for our next platform under development!


Achieve big-picture empowerment from your site selection journey

From collecting, analyzing, and comparing data to negotiating, breaking ground, and comparing incentives, no matter where your journey begins or leads, our site selection services guarantee you’ll be guided every step of the way.

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